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Applying a digital signature to an electronic fom

Applying a digital signature to an electronic fom

MedStamp’s clinical trials solution, Clinical Trials Manager, supports the efficient collection, reporting management and storage of medical images.  Using Clinical Trials Manager a remote site simply signs into their account and sends the stuides.

The application automatically configures to the sites network and settings.  Remote site configuration, such as DICOM tag modification, electronic forms and automatic recipient selection is managed by a central study administrator through MedStamp’s administration interface.

Clinical Trials Manager has been developed in accordance with industry guidelines and enables compliance with these same regulations.  Specific regulatory features include full audit of activates, user account access control and password management, encrypted transfer, secure and encrypted client and server storage and digital signatures.


Features and benefits

  •  Flexible DICOM tag de-personalisation and editing options

    Flexible DICOM tag de-personalisation and editing options

    Faster transfer, simpler processes, secured access to images.

  • Centrally managed advanced DICOM tag de-personalisation and modification.
  • Fast and secure transfer over ordinary internet connections.  It works seamlessly over existing firewalls right out-of-the-box.
  • Supports DICOM store and query retrieve.  This gives the option of remote sites sending directly from PACS.
  • Powerful electronic data capture support.  Our form engine can display DICOM tags, study features (number of files, size etc), and collate this with user information. eForm’s are automatically coverted into digitally signed PDF’s.
  • Integrated DICOM viewer and reporting tools with full image review and reporting capabilities.  Image data remains encrypted even during review.
  • Transmission to central facility or multiple recipients.  Recipients can be an individual or group.  Alternatively use the rules engine to automate transmission to a DICOM node, storage device and / or other application.
  • An administrator downloading digitally signed electronic data transfer forms

    An administrator downloading digitally signed electronic data transfer forms

  • Work group support.  A team of image reviewers can work together on one or several studies.  Studies can be allocated on a rule based forwarding method or reviewers simply select images from a shared stack.
  • Unique tracking identifier.  Functionality to track and manage transfers with their tracking number.
  • Scalable.  Deployment options from full managed suitable for one or two sites in a single study to a customer hosted and administered global medical imaging networks.

Management of received studies

In addition to automated management of received studies the MedStamp ‘Secure Store’ has features specifically implemented to assist in the management of studies received from remote sites.

An account, or a group of accounts can be established to receive DICOM scans and associated data from one, or several studies simultaneously.  In the screenshot below the following features have been highlighted:

  • Local search, sort, and filter features.  For instance click on a ‘received from’ filter to show studies which have arrived from named MedStamp accounts, those imported from PACS or those imported from file.  Use this feature to manage multiple studies simultaneously from the same account and through the same dashboard.
  • A status column shows, for example, if an image quality review and report has been completed.
  • Full transfer and package details including file listing, event listing (for example if the study has been sent to a PACS, another user or exported to file), actions of members of the workgroup, if a rule has been performed, etc.
  • Electronic transfer form tools.
  • Store the transmission to disk and optionally apply a custom path, such as saving the study into a folder named after the patient ID.
  • Send the study to a PACS or another MedSamp user.
  • View, and optionally log an image quality report in the integrated reporting software.
The ‘Secure Screen’ with highlighted features described above

The ‘Secure Screen’ with highlighted features described above

Other features include – automatic retry and error recovery, lossless compression, full real time audit information, optionally digitally signed audit reports, full clinical audit export features.

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