Versatile medical imaging network

Our workstation operates as a stand alone application, or through a central server it offers full connectivity with other nodes.

MedStamp’s client and server technology underpins a versatile medical imaging network.  While DICOM studies and other documents are in the MedStamp network they remain encrypted at all times.

The table below illustrates the features available through the network.  With the use of MedStamp’s rules manager activities can be automated or designed to follow a pre-determined workflow.  At each stage one, or several of the activities can be carried out.

The availability of these features enable a MedStamp licence to be deployed as part of a remote reporting system, a clinical trials network, a method to connect remote sites or to perform any of the functions outlined below.

Images remain encrypted at all times while in the MedStamp system

Import images and documents into MedStamp

Local MedStamp node

MedStamp server

Remote MedStamp node

Export from MedStamp system

PACS (SCU –SCP. QR)Local reporting / reviewCompressed and encrypted lossless transmissionRemote reporting / reviewPACS. DICOM tags depersonalised according to template
File Store / CD / DVD (drag and drop or select file / folder)Send to remote MedStamp node(s). Manual or automatedDirect transfer to named MedStamp nodeRequest referral / Virtual MDTFile Store (folder structure maintained. Custom paths, multiple versions)
Any other files / folders / clerking forms. Orginal folder structure maintained.Export to file. Manual or automated. Optionally apply custom folder structureRule based transfer (to on call radiologist / image review team etc) Automatically collate any prior images and associated case notes / MDT
import from remote MedStamp nodeSend to PACS. Manual or automatedAdministrator forwarding / export / delete optionsWorkgroup support – monitor group activities
Complete and digitally sign eFormReal time audit information and digitally signed reports.Features to request re-send of eForm / data.
Managed workflow optionsManage multiple domains. For instance several simultaneous studiesManaged workflow options
Powerful DICOM tag modification options, including prompt for valueAdmin tools (eform viewing, workflow management, user management account policies, user groups)Fuse and export of hybrid data sets (auto or manual)
Automatically collate any prior images and associated case notesCollate Study into Workflow case prior to release
Fuse and export of hybrid data sets (auto or manual)

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